Fake Setup of Alexa Is On Top Of Store Charts in Apple App Store: Business News

If anyone has received a new device of Alexa over the holiday period and work towards setting it up, he or she must be aware of one fact. One must always be cautious as a fake Alexa setup has managed to make its way on the charts of Apple App Store. The app is known as Setup for Amazon Alexa. It comes from a company called One World Software. It has two different shady applications in the App Store even. The application was ranked No 75 in the list of Top Free apps and rated No 6 in the list of apps for top utilities.

According to a media house, when anyone launches the application, it asks for an IP address along with one’s device’s serial number. As of now, neither Amazon nor Apple has managed to take any action against it. If any individual is looking to set up a new device of Alexa, he or she must be sure to get cleared out of this scam. The privacy policy of One World Software has made matters even worse. It gives it the freedom to collect a whole lot of personal information related to all those who use its apps, which not only include the IP address, browsing history but also the landing pages, pages that have been viewed, cookie data, type of mobile device used, IDs of mobile devices and also the location data. Moreover, it also disclosed that the company might well track down the location and movements of the users to monitor the effectiveness of their service as well as marketing campaigns.

Recently, the security researchers have revealed that multiple applications posing as tools to track fitness levels were using Touch ID feature of Apple for stealing money from iOS users. The rise of scams related to Alexa app is not really surprising, especially given the volume of sales related to Alexa enabled device during this holiday season. This week, Amazon had revealed that the shipments of the Echo Dot, Alexa Voice Remote and Echo had gone up quite substantially from this particular fiscal last year.

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