A new sound-based experiment used to attract fishes to dead coral reefs

Coral reefs are dying all around the world. The primary reasons for death are overfishing, pollution. Other factors involve an increase in temperature due to an increase in global warming and destructive processes such as digging canals in the oceans. This has contributed to destroying at least 50% of the total coral reefs in Australia. Hence the scientist has decided to develop ways so that they can increase the health of the coral reefs. In earlier attempts to revive the coral reefs scientist have used several unorthodox methods. Coral nurseries were developed to develop fresh corals. Temperature resilient corals were created to withstand the rising temperature of the oceans. Experimentation was done to find out the main reason that caused the fishes to come back to the coral reefs.

In this method, the scientist has employed a strategy to improve the number of fishes living in the reefs on the basis of sounds generated. They are trying to transmit the sounds of healthy reefs on the reefs, which are on the verge of extinction. This experimented lasted for 6-week. The main objective was to attract fishes back to the degrading reefs through sound. The main difference between the healthy reefs and unhealthy reefs is the noise generated. Healthy reefs generate a lot of noise due to the presence of fishes in the area. As the reefs start degrading, they grow quieter, and the fishes start to leave that area.  The experiment was carried out over 40 nights, and the sounds were generated in selective spaces. The entire process is referred to as the acoustic environment which attracted the fish for a longer period of time.

Severe heatwave killed a large percentage of the Great Barrier Reef. As the heat increase, the nutritious and colorful algae start to die. Degraded reefs have better chances of survival compared to the dead reefs. For a healthy ecosystem presence of fish is crucial. The natural ecosystem can be recovered by augmenting the population of the fishes. So the experiment has been helpful in developing an innovative way to improve the health of coral reefs.

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