About Us

The True Journalist has been active for some time, but the team behind the website has been working for a longer period of time to make this possible. Our point was that The The True Journalist did not want to become a random news website on the Internet. Instead, we wanted to be the news site with a perspective. We wanted to present the up-to-date news articles without compromising authenticity or unbiased perception. However, we also wanted our readers to have a perspective while reading an article — instead of doing some passive mode of reporting. That is why we’ve managed to create The The True Journalist in the best way possible.

It goes without saying that the real strength behind a perspective news site like The The True Journalist is the editorial team as well. We haven’t been that picky while choosing the right candidates, but we’ve managed to include veteran and fresh brains in the team. The result? We always have a new way of presenting things, even when they require some serious knowledge of the subject. In addition to this, The The True Journalist receives contributions from occasional writers and social media influencers. At the end of the day, what matters is whether things are understood by the reader in the way things are meant to.

The True Journalist team understands that we’re living in a world of fake news and non-authentic content. As one of the new-gen news websites, it’s our duty to stay away from fake news and the whole culture of attracting users with the help of click-bait. In order to achieve this, we have a five-step filtering system before writing a piece of news. This makes sure that the content comes from authentic sources and that there are better ways of understanding the news content. Last but not least, we always love to receive feedback from all our visitors, regarding readability, the interesting nature of the content and whatnot.