According to research, bumblebee medicine is founded in heather shrub

The group of researchers from the University of London investigated numerous plants for its medicinal properties. They research and tested a wide range of nectar from nearly about 17 plants for its therapeutic effects on several parasites in the gut of bumblebees. This including ivy, clover, dandelion, and others. Bumblebee is also known as bumblebee or humble-bee. Currently, there are nearly 250 species in the genus Bombus. It belongs to one of the bee families. They are found primarily in the higher altitudes or latitudes region of the Northern Hemisphere. In addition, they are also found in South America, New Zealand, and Tasmania.

Serval disease is a major cause responsible for the reduction in the bee populations around the world. In addition, habitat destruction, climate change, and toxic pesticides. In addition, habitat destruction, climate change, toxic pesticides, and others are some of the other factors hampering the bee population worldwide. Nectar from heather known as Calluna vulgaris had a powerful effect. This is due to a single chemical present in it, which is known as callunene. The researcher said the compound which is founded in heather honey, by doing further research, could also be proven to be benefits for humans.

Nectar or honey from natural plant origin is known as bumblebee medicine. This is active against a harmful bee parasite. Heather is a foraging plant for wild bees. Heather is a natural important part of heathland and moorland. This is an essential source of nectar for native bees and other pollinators of animals. The purple blaze present is heather is becoming a less common sight, as important sources of heathlands and moorlands are declining across the world. The substances separated the different chemical components of the heather nectar which is the single compound. This is responsible for inhibiting the parasite’s effect. It is named as callunene after heather plant’s Latin name Calluna. Lime trees and some species of strawberry trees also have medicinal properties.

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