Amazon might introduce fitness-tracking Alexa wireless earbuds, high-end Echo device with better sound this week, Inc. is scheduling to launch a new pair of Alexa-featured wireless earbuds. The earbuds require an Android phone or Apple for usage purpose, as products are not equipped with built-in cellular connectivity. The new earbuds are assumed to be priced below US$ 100. Earlier, Amazon has valued its hardware devices under competitors, positioning them as easily available and affordable products. The earbuds are particularly crucial for Amazon as they would mark the company’s first foray into the health monitoring space. Amazon has displayed interest in the healthcare industry lately, building a team wholly committed to “health and wellness” and hiring several healthcare experts. The new upcoming devices would be Amazon’s first official move into the health device space. This device is said to boast an accelerometer which will offer several fitness-oriented features Amazon plans to include.
The new earbuds named as “Puget,” are expected to come with a built-in accelerometer and be able to monitor things like calories burned, distance run, and pace of running. Amazon’s wireless earbuds will be cross between Apple’s AirPods and a standard fitness tracker. Apple Watch shows that there’s an incredibly high demand for accessories with a group of health-oriented and fitness features. Separately, the company is also working on a higher-end version of its Echo smart speaker with better sound quality, which is commonly found in pricier speaker systems. The bulkier Echo, meanwhile, is produced to be the central speaker, as it comes with a higher-quality and woofer speaker than the original Echo.
The company is expected to showcase several new products at its yearly hardware event in Seattle, the US in the last week of September 2019. Amazon declined to comment on its plans.Both products will fit into the company’s strategy to set its Alexa voice-assistant throughout, i.e., in-home and outside. The earbuds are expected to provide access to Alexa on the go and users can use a voice assistant in outdoor areas too.

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