Apple Is Developing A Gaming-Centric Mac, To Be Unveiled in WWDC 2020, Says Rumor

Apple is not new to performance-centric desktop and laptop devices, and the latest Mac Pro holds testimony to that claim. Nevertheless, we have not seen a gaming-centric Mac from the company, but that may change soon. According to the latest news from rumor mills, Apple is working on a gaming-centric Mac, making the company’s way to the eSports market. This device, rich in graphics and performance, is expected to get the grand introduction during WWDC 2020. Every bit of information available on this tech is based on a report by Patently Apple.

The publication claims to have learnt from its sources that Apple is planning to launch a gaming-centric Mac that has a price tag of $5000. It is not yet clear whether the company would be launching a desktop of huge screen-size or a graphics-rich laptop. The only confirmation from the rumor mills is that, unlike the majority of products from Apple, this Mac would have its focus on seamless gaming performance. This would be also a grand entry for the technology giant to the eSports world, complementing what it had done through Apple Arcade and App Store.

There are, however, certain concerns as to how such a gaming-centric device would help Apple. First of all, there aren’t many great games that have been optimized for Mac. This is one of the reasons why even some of the Mac devices equipped with rich graphics are not able to perform well. If Apple indeed makes its grand entrance to the eSports scene, it would also have to do something about the existing library. For a company that has supported original content creation from the very beginning, that may not be a big task, though. As to how many other games get the support for Mac, that is up to the developers to decide.

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