Apple Issues A Warning For New Iphone Owners Over The Installation Of Unauthorized Displays For Iphones

Recently, Apple management has made clear that the owners of Apple iPhone must use the screen displays made by Apple if their phone needs a screen replacement. The company has issued a warning for 2019 consumers that the display of must be Apple, any official Apple Service Providers, or from an Independent Repair Provider if they are using original parts made by Apple. The company management claims that the parts made by them have been tested thoroughly to meet the high standards, optimum performance and best quality.

Apple mentions that its glass display has a host of features like multi-touch, maximum brightness, colour accuracy, white balance, and other features like Night Shift, True Tone, and Haptic Touch. However, most of the third-party components that customers purchase never offer that kind of quality, features, capabilities and performance. Apple has noted that the components that are manufactured by unauthorized sellers could lead to users buying displays that do not fit correctly. Many other issues, like overheating of the phone, and damaged battery.

Apple has also issued a list of problems related to the installation of unauthorized components by a non-certified technician. If installed a third-party display, it can damage multi-touch which could lead to the screen being unable to respond to touch in certain spots, touches being registered unexpected during any task, screen staying bright. Brightness and colour accuracy problems such as lower brightness of the screen, incorrect colour combination, display not functioning uniformly, battery not charging quickly, drain of battery, ambient light sensor not working correctly. These issues can ruin the money and experience of any consumer. From Apple’s point of view, it doesn’t make any sense to buy a cheap display replacement to save a few dollars, especially if you are buying any “iPhone Pro” model. These Pro models are hugely expensive. If you have already spent such a large sum of the amount of iPhone, why degrade your experience by spending money on cheap components?

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