Jeremy Powell Said Fed Is Looking Forward To Achieving 2% Inflation Rate Goal

jeremy powell said fed is looking forward to achieving 2% inflation rate goal

Federal reserves have the responsibility of maintaining the inflation rate when the economy is booming, and Jeremy Powell is likely going to do it. Recently when asked about the Fed’s decision on the current economic situation Jeremy Powell the chairman of the Fed, said that they are looking forward to maintaining the goal of the inflation rate at two percent. Feds have previously cut the rate of interest when the country’s on the verge of facing another great recession. However, reports are in favor of the economy; everyone is expecting…

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A large number of the workforce are not suitable for the new-age tasks

a large number of the workforce are not suitable for the new-age tasks

Human resources consultants say that at least one-third of Indian IT professionals, or about one million engineers, are not qualified to cope with the rapid development of software technology. Industry experts warn that unless engineers can improve skills, or they may find themselves unemployed. The most vulnerable part is middle-level employees, which, according to some estimates, account for about 20% of the total IT workforce of 3 million. According to industry experts, only a small percentage of the 600,000 employees have skills related to new technologies and advanced technologies. The…

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Kohl’s Makeover not working for Investors

kohl’s makeover not working for investors

Kohl’s inventive strategy to charm customers into its stores has earned the firm’s praise and Wall Street support. But the shopper went to other places, and the investors have started losing confidence in the firm. The company said on Tuesday that in their new quarter, sales of stores that had been open for at least a year had increased by nearly 0.5%. Compared with the same period last year, Kohl’s profit in the quarter fell by 24%, and the retailer lowered its prospects during the holiday shopping period. This is…

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Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Lead to The Death of Many Americans

antibiotic-resistant infections lead to the death of many americans

The public is dying in the United States from antibiotic-resistant infection. According to United States health department, the superbugs are expected to grow and spread. The U.S center for disease control and prevention issued its first comprehensive report into negative health and threat in six years. Accordingly, it was declared that 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections arise every year. In 2013 the CDC study estimated that two million Americans were infected by the so-called superbug every year which lead to 23,000 deaths. The 2013 CDC report propelled the nation towards critical…

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Apple Owns Half Of Smartwatch Market In World

apple owns half of smartwatch market in world

The US based tech company Apple is back in the business. The company recently witnessed record-breaking sales of its just launched iPhone 11 series. Now, the iPhone maker has taken a new leap in the smartwatch industry. It has successfully retained its top rank in the global smartwatch market with an impressive rise in the sale. Market research firm Strategy Analytics said that Apple Watch shipments grew remarkably in the third quarter of the current fiscal. The company shipped 6.8 million units in this period. This figure is 51 percent…

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According to a Research Something as Simple as Laser Pointer, can Hack your Smart Speakers

According to a Research Something as Simple as Laser Pointer, can Hack your Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are an addition to many households nowadays. But these speakers from potential require some vigilance due to security breaches. Researchers have found that now hackers can enable these little devices to do their bidding even without making any sound. Advanced devices such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Apple Alexa were all shown exposed to this security hole. Scientists even got it working on Facebook Portal devices as well. Phones and Tablets were no safe as well and shown vulnerable. This breaching trick works because of MEMs or micro-electronic-mechanical…

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Artificial Intelligence focusing to lessen food waste

artificial intelligence focusing to lessen food waste

Waste the pro, don’t. As the saying goes, for more than 250 years, it is wise to use its resources or bear the consequences. This is also a good introduction to food waste. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) currently: About one-third of the world’s food is lost or wasted from farms to refrigerators every year, about 1.3 billion tons. The estimated annual economic cost is US$ 1 trillion. Technology has long been helping to solve the problem of hunger in the world. Today, most discussions…

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Loses His Crown As World’s Richest Person

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Loses His Crown As World's Richest Person

Amazon founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos is no longer the world’s richest person after Inc. stock tumbled on Thursday. He has lost the title to Microsoft Corporation cofounder and fellow Washington state resident Bill Gates. His current fortune is worth USD 105.7 billion. Bezos lost the crown after shares of the biggest online retailer dropped 8.1 percent to USD 1,637 in extended trading at around 4.24 pm in New York. The new price of Amazon shares has brought the fortune of Bezos to USD 102.8 billion. Almost…

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As School Reopens, It Brings Asthma and Allergy Flare-Ups for Kids

as school reopens, it brings asthma and allergy flare-ups for kids

The schools will soon reopen in late August, and kids will be back to their routines. But, the fall will not only be the start of schools but also increased flare-ups of allergies and asthma in kids. This is one of the challenges to be kept in mind by parents. According to Dr. Todd Mahr, President of the American College of Allergy, asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI), there is an increase in kids’ visits for asthma and allergies due to various factors. Hospitals witness what’s known as ‘September Spike’ due to…

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Blue Origins Working with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman & Draper for Lunar Lander

blue origins working with lockheed martin, northrop grumman & draper for lunar lander

Today, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and founder of Blue Origins, announced the plans for the Space company. Jeff Bezos announced that Blue Origins would work with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman & Draper for building the futuristic Lunar Lander and orbiter. The new landing system will be able to accommodate humans and transport them back and forth from the Moon. In his speech at 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington, D.C., Jeff Bezos shared the vision and plans for the company, with the same announcement. According to Jeff Bezos, the company…

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