Become a Contributor

If you have read about The True Journalist, you understand that how inclusive and selective we are when it comes to our editorial team. However, we also believe that fresh minds and occasional journalists should be given a space in every institution. Therefore, despite our strict concerns over the quality and authenticity of articles to be published on the website, we invite others to become a contributor at The True Journalist. However, because of the same thing we talked about earlier, there are some factors you should consider before making an effort to be a contributor to the website. Of course, it should be easier for you if you’re genuinely interested in the art of journalism.

First things first, we are looking for people who are really interested in journalism — authentic journalism to be precise. We don’t want articles written for the sake of the author’s popularity or online fame. We are not looking for promoted articles either. On the other hand, you are most welcome to write for The True Journalist if you are a passionate writer who wants to do something good for the society. Of course, this does not mean that you have to compromise the professional aspect here. To bring all these under a roof, we’ve devised a set of instructions to follow.

At The True Journalist, we are looking for articles that are 100% unique in terms of content, structure and often the perspective. The reader should get something else that another website cannot offer. If it doesn’t offer the new experience, you should see something better.

There should be a minimum length of 300 words for the article. This is one of the best structures for presenting news articles in the best way possible. But, as we said, please try to be as innovative as you can in the content.

The True Journalist keeps a very strict policy regarding the authenticity of the content we publish. We take proper sources that matter.