Experts Advised Not To Get Diagnosed With Mental Illnesses

Whenever someone gets sad or a little bit depressed, they search for such things online, and they get to know these things are called depression, anxiety, and even OCD. According to the vice president of Comprehensive Healthcare, it’s not okay to get diagnosed oneself with mental health disorders. Experts said that nowadays, people who don’t know anything about depression, anxiety, OCD are trying to get themselves connected with such scarier problems about which the majority of them don’t even know.

The issues of mental illness are one of the serious ones in the country of America, but what’s more harmful in teenagers calling themselves depressed for no reason at all. Experts think it’s very quite important to look at the history of the patients before treating them as depressed, anxious people. Pop culture nowadays is promoting being sad more than being happy. Experts think if they are feeling depressed because they lost their loved ones, then it’s okay, but making it as a tool to connect themselves with depression is not okay.

Teenagers who don’t know what it means to go through depression are self-diagnosing with such fierce mental disorders. If anyone is feeling sad because of something, then there is no reason to connect it with depression because that would not solve the problem. People who are suffering from mental illness like depression, OCD have said they have to go through lots of turmoil to become healthy again. There are lots of mental health care centers for treating such things very few people in reality like to go into rehabs. People need to take care of themselves more than anything and not connect some simple problems with depression or anxiety because that would ultimately affect severely on their health.

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