HIV cases in the UK have reduced considerably ever since 2000

There has been a considerable decrease in the number of HIV cases in UK. A new diagnosis was taken this year, and it has been observed that UK has fallen to almost third place from 2015-2018. This data was published by Public Health England (PHE). The number has fallen from 6271 from 2015 to 4484 in 2018, which shows there is a decrease of 28% which is a remarkable mark since 2000. The diagnosis of HIV has been decreasing among bisexual people, gay and also heterosexual people. The most significant decline has been seen among gay people. Also, it has been observed that in this last three years’ tenure new number of people diagnosing from HIV from heterosexual people have been fallen by 24%.

UK has started HIV prevention campaign which includes more of HIV prevention treatments, usage of condoms and also testing HIV. In this HIV treatment, two types of treatment that are pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and antiretroviral treatment (ART). In this first type of treatment it involves taking oral pills to decrease the contracting disease by sex. This treatment has been proven to be 90% effective. And the other medication is wherein one gay partner is HIV positive who have taken this treatment but haven’t found out any new transmissions to people who are HIV negative. UK was the first country to start HIV treatment last year so that it could reach UN’s target of zero new HIV transmission by 2030. Many hospitals in UK provide free checkups for HIV and also provide testing kit for the same.

Despite this, people who were diagnosed with HIV positive in 2018 were at the last stage of the disease, who are more likely to die within one year. For soo many years now, there hasn’t been any medicine for HIV infection, where it does spoil the immune system of the body and have worst consequences are faced by the patient. But research is showing that people would surely be cured of this infection in further future. Around the world there are about 37 million people who are HIV positive are millions of them are dying each year. UN has a long way to go.

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