Postal Workers Are Delivering More Than 20 Million Packages Per Day

Government agencies, especially those who are giving services, are famous for delay or insufficient type of services. However, when it comes to delivery, the US Postal service is considered as the best as compared to others. USPS, which was founded on the sole purpose of providing cheap and affordable services to customers, have done their job efficiently. Recent reports show the hard work of US Postal Workers resulted in delivering more than 20 Million Packages per day.

People buy things, but they forget an essential part of it, and that’s delivery. It’s the delivery which matters the most because nowadays since the advancement in technology customer wants their products faster. As the holiday season is coming up, USPS is estimating to deliver more than 800 million packages during Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. One can imagine the hard work and efficiency they have to put into making such things happen.

USPS said during their business days; they deliver 2.5 billion pieces of mail to people. Even if things have changed, still people like to have the touch of greeting cards sent by their loved ones. The fact that one cannot ignore is USP is not able to make a massive amount of profits. As a result of it, government departments have decided to raise prices of delivery also reduce delivering days. USP is used by many large private corporations, which is the ultimate reason why it’s suffering from an extra burden. Trump has already criticized big players like Amazon for putting delivery pressure on USP. However, if USP raises its prices and shorter delivery days, then there are millions of people who will get affected. The rural area is still that place where private delivery companies don’t give their services, but they rely on USP. Since the government is now trying to increase prices, they will have to pay a higher amount for getting packages delivered.

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