Project Scarlett & PlayStation 5 may develop few advanced features

The Project Scarlett and PS5 might collaborate for share hardware, which is required to create new features. Under the deal, the customer would get a better experience through the new interface. This new product will be loaded with various features that are not incorporated by any company previously, such as virtual assistants. Virtual assistant feature is mainly focused on providing a high end experience to its user, which might be same as the Xbox.

In September 2019, Play Station incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature by which gamer can get answer to game-related questions directly from AI. This will also help the player to get background about the game such as game objective, any specific rules, or items. Additionally, Play Station Assist features may also have its mobile companion application, that provides gaming statistics and some other information related to the in-game event.

Sony also showcased its next-generation controller with a microphone on controller prototype, which is specially created for PS5. However, these features are not yet confirmed by Sony, but these features are required for better functionality of virtual assistant. This features can be patent discovery related to PS5 that support the idea which a Play Station 5 virtual assistant that is under development. This patent describes technology can be used to describe user-created content regarding information related to video games. Furthermore, these upgraded features also allow the user to share the PS4 system to stream game videos and interact with other people with these clips through the Play Station Network. Besides this, players get benefited from the features which are going to incorporate in a smart PS5 assistant. Moreover, the assistant will answer the question related to in-game content. This content may be the introduction of a mission, about opponents, location, and various other game-related problems.

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