WhatsApp for iOS to support for audio playback in notifications

WhatsApp is a freeware, and Voice over facility owned by Facebook. WhatsApp allows users to send voice, text messages, make video calls, and share documents, images, user locations, and other media. The company has started for iOS operators as audio playback in notifications. The feature is available to a few users as part of WhatsApp beta update. It has started rolling out the feature to iOS users in the form of a beta update. If someone has an iPhone, then he should download WhatsApp version 2.19,91.1 beta from Test Flight to experience it instantly.

According to reports, the update is available to WhatsApp beta version operators. And, there is a possibility that the feature will become available on the App Store to WhatsApp and Business version 2.19.90. However, if someone is intolerant, the best way to have audio playback in reports is through Test Flight. If someone updated to the newest version and cannot see this feature, and there is a workaround. Also, you should back up reinstall WhatsApp and chat history.

Each time you reinstall WhatsApp, the updated configuration from the server downloaded and therefore enabled the latest features. As part of the beta update, the service has enabled features based on the phone number. If the last digit of phone number is odd, then get feature of voice message playback. And, if the last digit of phone number is even, then get feature of audio file playback. The conflicting is depending on WhatsApp server configurations. Suppose, enabled feature, and someone sends a voice message after you increase it, will see the Audio Playback UI. The feature works with a normal audio file. However, it will not be able to answer an audio file. Because of iOS limitations, only reply with a text message. When you play the voice message from notifications, the service does not instantly send play receipt. Only, it will be sent the user when unlocks WhatsApp.

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