Xbox console of Microsoft may release next year

According to recent reports that suggests that the of Microsoft is all set to launch two models of console generation Xbox models. Microsoft is making the less powerful and cheaper console. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier reported that Microsoft working on the second console. Which is more potent than Scarlett and is mainly focusing on offering 4k gaming. On another hand, Xbox will be something like 1440p and can operate without discs.

Microsoft yet to share any idea about both consoles. According to Microsoft report, they were working on two consoles in the project of Scarlett; two consoles are codenamed Anaconda and codenamed Lockhart, respectively. Anaconda is now under Scarlett. And about Lockhart, no one has any idea about it what exactly happens to it. The head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that Scarlett is the only console on which the company is currently working, and even told about the word “consoles” means to include the disc-less version of Scarlett and Xbox One S.  He also said Scarlett was the company’s main focus. Microsoft is only working on Scarlett. There might be two versions of Scarlett on which Microsoft will work in the future. And to be fair, it was just a rumor from Thurrott in 2018, the one who started all this speculation. As Brad Sams said: Lockhart succeeds ahead with Xbox One S, whereas Anaconda succeeds ahead with Xbox One X.

Considering that it is true, Lockhart’s advantages are, it has a cheaper version; that’s why Switch Lite is helping Nintendo in the cleaning up process, just because of the Xbox One’s poor launch performance compared with the PS4 which were more expensive, Spencer said this in on the interview with were held with the Verge. Spencer also said Microsoft would not make the same mistakes again in the future and even with the price and power, which will not be out of position.

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